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(Cheap and Easy) Christmas Display Hack

Are the beautiful Christmas cards arriving in your mailbox yet? Two years ago, I got my Dad’s help making this cute Rudolph inspired card holder. The other day I got to thinking about those who don’t have access to the power tools and help I am fortunate to have access to…what if they need a […]

75 Christmas Favorites

I would like to preface this post and playlist with the following disclaimer: If you are easily offended or “triggered” by Christmas music (either religious or secular) I think it is best  if save yourself some time and heartache (frustration and unnecessary anger) by just moving along and skipping this post. Now, if you love […]

December Photography Challenge

Before Bug Hard Hear Memory K X Eye A Warm Cup of… 8:00 Sweet Christmas Lights Scarf Cookies Candy Cane After First Expression Silver Gold Penny Fragile Card In the Corner Using the Flash Candy Toast An Accessory Clouds Sprinkles Anticipation As always, interpret this list however you want… take these prompts literally, take them […]

2021 Gift Guide

I know shopping for friends and relatives can be a difficult chore for some people. “What if they don’t like it?” “What if They already have one?” “He buys everything he wants, or says he doesn’t need anything…” Today I am going to share some ideas with y’all (including some of my favorite things for […]

A Very Merry TRT Giveaway

I wanted to celebrate the season with y’all by hosting a giveaway. We are entering into cold and flu season, and the world (as a whole) has been extra conscious of immunity and wellbeing and vigilant of sanitization for the past eighteen months or so. Plus, we are all on our phones more than ever […]

70 Acts of Kindness Ideas

This season is a feel-good season. Families will soon come together for a Thanksgiving meal, then the lights will start to twinkle, and before you know it the smell of Christmas is in the air… Plus it is sweater weather (and everyone knows sweater weather is better weather). People are statistically more generous this time […]


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