First Post & WYR Wednesday

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Hello and welcome to my blog, OKW.

This is my first blog, and first post so, here we go…

I started this blog to chronicle the escapades of my life.  I have overcome some very tough times and if I could help others do the same I would be overjoyed!  I will share my story (thus far), my thoughts, jokes (I love riddles, puzzles and games), creations, fears, triumphs and goals.  I hope this blog will be a source of inspiration for others and for me.  I want this to be an interactive blog.  That being said, this is a place for positivity; there is NO ROOM FOR HATE here.  (“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” –Sweet Brown)


Today is “Would You Rather Wednesday”.  Every Wednesday I will pose a ‘this or that’ question.  I will give my answer and post a poll for you to answer.  I am curious to see what the consensus will be each week.

WOULD YOU RATHER live in the 1700’s or the 2700’s?

I would rather live in the 2700’s.  I am interested in seeing the technological advancements of that time.  Technology has changed so much already during my lifetime.  I imagine the 2700’s will be something like The Jetsons.  Also, I am rather fond of indoor plumbing and, as a native Texan, air conditioning.

On the other hand, life seems like it would might have been more simple in the 1700’s, back in the “Good ol’ days.”  The idea of living off of the land is appealing.  I grew up in a household that did not eat out often and cooked many of our meals from scratch; we also had a garden in our backyard.

I think I could survive, and possibly like some aspects of the 1700’s, but I would RATHER live in the 2700’s.

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