“Oh, The Places I’d Like To Go…”

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I was a tourism major in college so I have read about many places I would like to visit, and several that I do not want to go, *cough* Jamaica *cough*. I recently got back home from a road trip to South Texas and Galveston Island.  It was the first time in about fifteen years that my whole family went to Galveston. It was interesting to me that the island is considered a “tourist destination”. My family often vacationed there when my sister and I were little but I never thought of it as a “destination”. By definition we were only day trippers this time, but it got me thinking about the other places I want to visit…

These are some of the places off of my bucket list that I want to see…

  1. Visit Westminster Abbey (London, England).
  2. Spend a holiday somewhere exotic (Fiji, Bora Bora, Maldives).
  3. Visit the Louvre (Paris, France).
  4. Have a birthday party in Las Vegas.
  5. See the Sydney Opera House (Australia).
  6. Eat at Hell’s Kitchen (in LA).
  7. Ride a gondola in Venice (Italy).
  8. Attend a Broadway play (NY, NY).
  9. Stay in the Ice Hotel (Sweden).
  10. See the Cadillac Ranch (in Amarillo, TX).
  11. Attend the Kentucky Derby (funny hat and all!).
  12. Visit The House on The Rock (in WI).
  13. Vacation on a house boat (somewhere).
  14. Step foot on Antarctica.
  15. Visit the Guggenheim Museum (in Bilbao, Spain).
  16. See the Northern Lights.
  17. Go on a cruise (Caribbean, Alaskan or European, or all).
  18. Visit the Titanic in a submarine.
  19. Pan for gold in a mountain stream.
  20. Visit all 50 states (DONE: Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia) (12/50)

Obviously some of these are more feasible (in terms of finances).  None the less these are all on my bucket list, not to mention visiting other places/countries I’d like to visit (Austria, Scotland…)

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