My Top 10 (Apps Edition)

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I wanted to share with you my top 10 FREE apps:

Top Apps

1. Waterlogged – Helps me keep track of my daily water intake (hydration is important for everyone… Love your kidney(s)!)

2. Pandora – Create up to 100 radio stations for your favorite music artists and hear your favorite and similar songs

3. RetailMeNot – Awesome deal, great coupons for many stores

4. Life360 – Keep track of your loved ones, great for when family members are on a road trip

5. Grocery iQ – Makes grocery shopping so much easier (family members can add what they need to the list)

6. Twitter – Mobile thought sharer with a 140 character limit/challenge

7. Instagram – Mobile picture sharer with artsy filters

8. Pinterest – Mobile dream closet, house, and eye candy lists!

9. Words HD Free – I love Words With Friends!

10. Candy Crush – Yes, I’m addicted to that too!


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  1. Retailmenot is pretty good for coupon codes, but I prefer for shopping. I like that shopcreep just lets you put in exactly what you want and alerts/emails you when there’s a new low price or deal cause i’m too lazy to shop around like someone who isn’t lazy lol

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