Positive Outcomes Only

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Lately I have been fighting with a green eyed monster, and not just because Halloween is around the corner… Last week I helped my sister move into her very first house (she’s a property owner now and I must say that is pretty cool). In August she started an awesome new job that required her to relocate within the Great State and instead of throwing money away on a rental she decided to buy a house. The point of all this is that she is off on an exciting new adventure and I am terribly jealous. I am so happy for her and that everything seems to be going well with everyone I know. I cannot log onto Facebook without seeing wedding pictures, a status update that so-and-so are now engaged… The problem is that lately I have been struggling with the fact that my life is not the way I thought it would be at this point in my life.

It is not that I am not thankful for all that I have been blessed with, because I am truly blessed by God and deeply grateful. I think the problem is EXPECTATION. Over this past summer I read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. When I read it I was eager to immediately apply the law of attraction and create a life where I would enjoy every moment (I even wrote one of my first blog posts about the book). However when I did not immediately manifest the things I believed I would, I went back to my “stinkin’ thinkin’”. The Secret seemed to be working for people I knew but I had yet to win the lottery, drop any dress sizes, meet my future husband, or get my dream job. I let these “setbacks” poison my thinking. Each time I would try a positive “I am” statement my mind would punctuate that statement with a nasty, “YEAH RIGHT!”

My first semester of my freshman year at university I was the happiest I have been in a long time. I had left behind a toxic high school relationship, made some great new friends, I was healthy, I was making great grades and having a fantastic time on my own learning and doing new things. I adopted a something-went-bad-well-there-is-nothing-I-can-do-about-it-now attitude. If I did not do as well on my sociology exam as I had wanted I would not let it get me down… I would simply tell myself, “There’s no sense in worrying about it now, learn from it and do better next time.” I looked at that time as a new adventure. Yes, it had its ups and downs but I still think fondly of those first couple of months months.

I have decided I need to look at everyday as an adventure. I don’t  need to physically relocate to live in the mental state I was happily residing in back at university. I need to remember that while this might not be where I though I would be in life at this point I never imagined I would own my own business when I was twenty-two, that I would get to be creative everyday, the depths of my frugality or that just ninety-four days after launching a blog that I would have twenty four followers interested in what I have to say.  Thank you! While I am my own worst enemy I need to be my own greatest champion too, and remember that my life is good.

Focus on positive outcomes only this weekend. Have you had any experiences with situations like this in your own lives? Have you had any luck applying the Law of Attraction; do you have any tips for maintaining a positive outlook on life?

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