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For the next two months, I will be highlighting charities that are close to my heart.  This is the time of the year when we are extra aware of our bountiful blessings; it is a good season to “pay it forward”.


During my last semester at Texas A&M University I was required to complete a professional interview assignment, it was one of my favorite assignments during my time in college.  To complete this project each student in this course had to contact an upper level manager or decision maker in a recreation, event or tourism business and conduct a professional interview. I was blessed to have been able to sit down with Mr. Buck Kern, Executive Director of Snowball Express.

Snowball Express is a non-profit organization that hosts small “Snowflake” events throughout the year across the country and one large event at the end of the year in the DFW area. Their mission is to, “Honor America’s fallen military service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice since 9/11 by humbly serving the families they left behind.  Champion their children’s future success by creating opportunities for joy, friendship and communal healing, by connecting these families to one another.”

Snowball Express was founded in 2006 and it has grown every year since. It is the largest all-expense paid gathering of its kind for military families and is 99.9% volunteer effort (Snowball Express only has one paid staff member). “Snowball Express is an organization that creates opportunities to bring these unique families together to build hope and new memories after the tragic loss of a military parent. These experiences help each of our families realize that they are not alone in their struggles, and that we will never forget the tremendous sacrifice they have made for our nation.”

The impact of this small non-profit enterprise is felt by thousands of people across the United States of America.  Results from their 2012 survey show that:

95% of the surviving parents say that Snowball Express has been a positive experience in the life of their child/children.
93% of the surviving parents say that Snowball Express has been a very positive experience in their life as a parent or guardian.
79% of the surviving parents say that after attending Snowball Express their child/children are better able to cope with the loss of their fallen hero.

There are several ways to give to Snowball Express…

You can give your time and volunteer.
For more information on volunteer opportunities, click here.

You can make a one time, monthly or annual financial donation.
(You can make a donation in honor of someone.)
For more information of making a financial donation to Snowball Express, click here.

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