Goals for 2015

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I do not set new year’s resolutions, I set goals. Goals to improve certain areas of my life, i.e. health, wealth and happiness…

I read an interesting article from Forbes about setting and successfully meeting goals. The article reiterated something I was told in college, “Writing down your goals, sharing them with friends, and sending your friends regular updates about your progress can boost your chances of succeeding.”

So, this year I thought I would share a few of my goals with you!

  1. Complete dollhouse wiring, construction and painting.

In 2002 I received an “easy” DIY dollhouse kit for my birthday. For years I had admired these beautiful, fancy, detailed dollhouses resting high up on the shelves in Hobby Lobby… Finally I convinced my parents that was all I wanted (or would ever want, at the time at least). Fast forward to 2014 and it has barely been touched, it is still snuggly, unassembled, in its box under my bed at home. This year that is going to change. I have expensive taste and miniature furniture is not exactly cheap so my goal is simply to complete construction, not furnishing.

  1. Learn to play chess.

I have always loved games, much to the dismay of my family… I have been interested in learning to play chess for quite some time now, but it was mentioned quite a lot in a book series I read last year and that is what motivated me to make it a goal for this year.

  1. Read more books than last year. (I read 35 books in 2014 [the goal for that was 30] so this year I am aiming for a minimum of 36 books.)

I was dyslexic and reading was never fun for me as a child. I learned coping strategies that got me through school and university and now I love reading. Correction: I love reading what I want to read. The goal of 30 books I set for myself last year was reaching far, but I was ecstatic when I not only met that goal but surpassed it! So this year I am pushing myself even further. Look forward to my book report next year.

  1. Master a minimum of 6 songs on the piano.

Last year I wrote a post about how I was returning to the piano after years away and that I would finally teach myself the left hand. I am very pleased to share that I memorized “Edelweiss” (from The Sound of Music), “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (from The Lion King) and my favorite Christmas song, “The Little Drummer Boy”.  Last week I loaded up on sheet music for some of my favorite songs at Half Price Books (“OH, LOOK! The complete Backstreet Boys Millennium album! Oh and some Jimmy Buffett songs too!” I told you I have an eclectic taste in music). The bad part was I did not examine the difficulty of said sheet music before purchasing it. I am ok with that though, it will be an added challenge. I am eager to tackle these songs!

  1. Be positive.

Being positive is very important to a healthy, happy life. After reading The Secret last year I realized that my tendency to bogged down in the day to day “bad” things had grown deeper than I ever should have let it… There is always a silver lining; there is always another side of the coin. After all, “What you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life.” –Sanaya Romen.

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  1. I love reading your posts… and for the record, your family doesn’t HATE playing games with you. It’s just that you are so ruthless and no one else has a chance to win. I’m glad to see your goals. I think they will be easily achievable for you with your current level of determination! 🙂

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