Compliments Are Catching

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Random fact, tomorrow is “National Compliment Day”.

I saw this quote on Pinterest a few weeks ago that I really like…


Why are we so stingy with compliments? Why do we look for the bad first and the good later (if ever in some scenarios)?
I am ashamed to admit that I am guilty of criticizing others, as well as myself, before I point out all of the things I admire about them.
Too often I hear things like, “Wow! Look at that guy’s giant nose” instead of things like, “You know, he has really nice teeth.” 🙂

Why do we perpetuate this sick habit? When will we stand up change the way we talk to others and ourselves?
I think today sounds like a good day to start changing our perceptions and the way we vocalize them.

For the next week let’s try three things:

  1. Compliment at least three people each day. It can be anyone for anything, “You look really beautiful today”, “I really appreciate your hard work” or even “Those are really cute shoes” or “Your smile made my day”.
  2. When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, criticizing others or beating yourself up, STOP. Change those thoughts and look for the love. Picking others (or yourself) apart does not make you any prettier, better or happier.
  3. Each day, for the next seven days, when you wake up tell yourself, “It is going to be a great day, no matter what happens.” Follow that with three things you love about yourself. Compliment YOU.

Love this post? Share it with others who might love it too:

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