282.9 Miles

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I am writing this post from Houston; I was at a loss for what to talk about today, while driving across the state yesterday it came to me. I will recount my journey, and share my thoughts…

Yesterday, I set out with my snack of pistachios and water bobble to journey across the “Friendly State” to my sister’s house.

My day was already off to a fantastic start, then:

-I jammed to “Crocodile Rock”, I got “Hooked on a Feeling”, I let Bruno Mars tell me I am amazing “Just the way [I AM]”; I was inspired by the messages of Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, the Newsboys and Chris Tomlin.  I love how songs can boost an already good mood to an even better frequency.

-Since I drove in the middle of the day, I found myself in very mild traffic conditions (for most of the drive) with several semi trucks.  I love the respect that truck drivers show others on the highway (i.e. changing lanes when any vehicle is pulled over on the shoulder). Few drivers share the road with the same consideration.

-Every time I travel across Texas, I am reminded of what an inspiring and beautiful state I am blessed to live in.

-Am I the only one who forms attachment to the cars that travel near you on long trips? At one point yesterday I joined a little wolf pack of other Hondas, until they all exited for the airport, but they got me through the nerve wracking stretch between The Woodlands Mall and the last exit for the Bush Intercontinental Airport. Houston drivers are absolutely fearless on the road. That or immortal…

-About halfway through the drive I made a pit stop at Bucee’s.  I managed to lock myself in my stall. I don’t mean I turned the lock, I mean I got stuck in one of the cleanest gas station bathroom stalls in the great state of Texas. Looking back on it now it is funny; yesterday I was incredibly embarrassed and slightly frightened.

-Am I the only person who takes on the “lane changing challenge”? That is a sad title, but you know what I’m talking about- when you attempt to change lanes without hitting any of the bumps in the lane dividers. I had a surprisingly good average yesterday.

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