Dear Me,

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At Texas A&M University incoming freshmen have the opportunity to attend Fish Camp (many universities have similar camps for freshman). Some call it brainwashing, other call it fellowship…
One of the things we did in our DGs (discussion group) was write ourselves a letter. Our group leaders were to deliver our letters to us at the end of our freshman year, I never got mine. Anyway, I was thinking about this the other day and thought about the idea of writing a letter to my younger self (like the Brad Paisley song, “Letter to Me”).

Here is what I would like to tell younger me-

When Mom and Dad are being “mean” or “unfair” it is because they love you, and usually know best.

In high school, focus on art not boys… the ones you like in high school aren’t meant for you, and you deserve so much better.

Stay positive, even when bad things happen and life seems out of control.

Enjoy your time in college. You will make good grades and new friends; work to maintain those friendships and create fun memories.

Stay away from that kid that moved in down the street.

You will be called a “goodie-two-shoes” and people will describe you as sweet. There is nothing wrong with being good and doing the right thing (it generally works out for Superman).

Treasure your time with that friend that literally has your back. You won’t have him for long.

Continue fighting for the underdog. Be brave. Learn how to forgive. Don’t listen to nay-sayers.  Don’t quit your guitar lessons; and practice!

Be kind to yourself.

Remember life is a blessing. God is good and He loves you immensely.


What would you tell yourself?

Love this post? Share it with others who might love it too:

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