My Best Friend

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I am lucky, in that my best friend is my sister.

2015-05-11 14.54.20

She is my older sister, so she had literally been here for me my whole life.

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 She has some quirks, but she is fun, caring, and inspiring. She is an artist (she can draw wonderfully, make beautiful jewelry and amazing gum paste decorations).  She is a fantastic teacher, and an author.

2015-05-11 14.54.49

My sister is also my personal stylist, loudest cheerleader and often the first person to kick me when I need to be.  My best friend funny and bold; she is radiant and opinionated.

2015-05-11 14.55.00

She is a great cook, a gardener, a collector of frogs (not real ones, decorative ones), snowmen (for Christmastime of course) and books. My best friend always has my back.  She is the keeper of my secrets, because I cannot keep them to myself.

2015-05-11 14.54.41

My best friend is beautiful and brilliant. She is resilient, talented, and unique.

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  1. I love you so much best friend! I couldn’t have asked for a better little sister if I had specified everything I wanted. I often feel like we are two parts of a whole and when we are apart too long we are neither as good as we could be. I am so glad I have you in my life!

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