Christmas Décor Tour (Part I)

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Late in 2013 my grandma was having some health problems so I spent the end of that November and the majority of that December staying with her. One of my favorite parts of that time I spent with her was our trip (with about twenty other little old ladies from her church group) to the next town over; there we visited the house of a very sweet woman with a fantastically immense collection of Christmas decorations. The moment I walked into her home I could feel the warmth of the season, along with her radiating joy for the opportunity to share her carefully curated collection with others.

While my grandma found it a bit tacky (due to her penny-pinching tendencies), I fell in love and quickly developed a desire to have a “Christmas House” of my own. Before we left, I had a chance to speak with the quirky collector; we instantly bonded over our love of Christmas and our familial connections to Texas A&M University.

I already had a few Christmas decorations from my years at university, but now I finally had something to really collect and a glittering vision in my mind. This month I am going to share some of my favorite pieces of my collection.

It is no secret that I love a good black and white houndstooth print. I found this adorable houndstooth reindeer in December of 2013 at Hobby Lobby; I was just beginning my collection for “My Christmas House”.

2015-11-30 12.55.22 

In 2014 my mom saw these cute houndstooth moose, this perfectly plump houndstooth Santa, and presents for me!

2015-11-30 12.54.46

2015-11-30 12.56.45

2015-11-30 12.52.53

        Before my grandiose aspirations, my Christmas decoration collection revolved around a jingle bell theme, and for the most part it still does. When I first started picking out decorations I needed my own special niche – my mom has a very impressive Santa collection and my sister collects snowmen. Here are a few of my favorite jingle bell pieces…

2015-11-30 13.47.37

2015-11-30 12.50.10

2015-11-30 12.50.29

2015-11-30 12.59.14

2015-11-30 12.52.27

2015-11-30 12.50.53

2015-11-30 13.00.14

2015-11-30 12.51.06

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