Peeling Good

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I thought talking about this topic right after my banana bread post was a seamless transition. Between peeling the bananas for banana bread and composting said peels I have discovered another use. Banana Tea!

Stay with me, I’m not THAT bananas for bananas…

Anytime I peel a banana I put the walking hazard (sad slippery banana peel joke) into a glass jar with a lid – usually a recycled tomato sauce jar – and fill it with water. After screwing the lid back on I leave it on the kitchen counter for two-three days.

After that I open the jar, remove the peels, and put them in the compost to be broken down as another form of fertilizer.  I then take the jar, top it off with water and store it in the refrigerator until I need to use it.


I water the plants in my garden and house with the banana tea. 

I dilute it one (1) cup of tea to one (1) gallon of water, swirl it around in my watering can, then give my plants a drink.

I use this fertilizer once every two to three weeks.


Bananas are super fruits. They are nutritious and contain many vitamins and minerals.

-Potassium – Potassium is good for plants’ overall health, it helps plants move water, promotes root development, strengthens the stem and the cell walls of the fruit, and helps prevent disease. It helps to regulate the exchange of water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide.  A lack of potassium can stunt plant growth and even reduce its yield.

-Phosphorous – Gardens love phosphorus!  It aids germination, healthy root systems, production of blooms, pollen and fruits.  It also helps plants withstand environmental stressors (like Texas summer heat) and harsh winter months.

-Calcium – Calcium helps plants take up nitrogen from the soil, and it allows water to be better absorbed which in turn helps other nutrients be absorbed as well.   Calcium also helps to prevent blossom end rot. (I also use eggshells to add calcium in the garden.)

-Magnesium – Magnesium is another vital nutrient that helps seeds germinate better, produce blooms, and promotes the overall health of most plants.  It helps roses grow new canes and it has been known to deter slugs.

Think about this simple DIY natural fertilizer next time you enjoy a banana.

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