DIY Valentine’s Wreath (for less than $10!)

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That is an antique mirror…it’s not actually dirty. 😉

Happy Wednesday!  Today I have a very easy and cheap Valentine’s Day wreath project.

For this I bought a heart shaped wire wreath frame and eight sets of roses (in red, pink, light pink, and white for an ombre look). That’s it… I spent $9 (+tax) at Dollar Tree.
You can get these products elsewhere – I saw the same wire heart frame at Joann’s the same day I bought this one but it was $6.

*You will also need a pair of wire cutters or scissors for this project, but that is it.

To start I laid out my flowers and decided how I wanted the colors of the roses I had bought to fade, i.e. top down or bottom up. I decided to start with the reds at the bottom and work my way up the heart with the lighter colors.

Then I cut the flowers (and leaves) off the main stems, leaving about 3-4 inches for wrapping around the wire frame.

Then I simply started twisting the wire and repeated this process until all the roses were in place and the wire was covered.  As you work your way around the heart and continue wrapping stems it gets easier, you can even wrap new stems into others that have already been wrapped.

-I only wrapped the flower stems around the middle wire of the frame. I them moved and fluffed the flowers to cover the inner and outer pieces of the frame.
-If you want a more minimal look you can add a few flowers and leave the wire heart exposed.
-If you want you can pull the flowers off their stems entirely, and glue them onto the frame. Keep in mind if you go that route you will need to purchase more flowers to cover the wire if you want a full wreath.

This project is a super easy and fast Valentine’s fun!

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