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In honor of Valentine’s Day (this Sunday) I was reflecting on all the men I’ve loved…in books that is. I brainstormed my top ten favorite loves of my literary life and thought about the reasons why I love them so.

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Atticus Finch

10. Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird by: Harper Lee)

I know, not exactly the first person when you think of falling in love with book characters, but he has so many admirable and lovable characteristics. For starters, Atticus has a dry sense of humor (my kind of humor).  He is wise.  He is respectable. He has instilled his sense of morality and strong sense of justice in his two children. Atticus Finch sees others as we all should – equal. He stands tall and fights for what is right, even (especially) when it is not easy.

Logan Thibault

9. Logan Thibault (The Lucky One by: Nicholas Sparks)

Right off the bat Logan is hot because he is a Marine. He is devoted…he walks from Colorado to Louisiana to track down a woman he has never met but feels a connection to.  He is a fierce protector, yet also gentle and kind. He is smart (and despite his PTSD) a stable and reliable guy.

Ryan Jackson

8. Ryan Jackson (Four Doors Down and Four Years Later by Emma Doherty)

In the first book you learn that Ryan Jackson is caring, very funny and sweet.  In the second book, after an unfortunate evening you see a side of him that can be cold, and distant (not particularly attractive), but you know that these new and unpleasant characteristics are a defense mechanism for a hurt and angry (seemingly betrayed) young man.  In the end, when the truth sees the light of day, he matures and we see the same caring, sweet and loyal fella we knew Ryan to be all along.  For love he is willing to make sacrifices to keep another safe.


7. Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings trilogy by: J.R.R. Tolkien)

Keeping my mind only on the books, and not imagining long haired Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn is still very appealing. Aragorn is noble, and he is pure of heart (i.e. when he did not try to take the ring from Frodo). He constantly throws himself in harm’s way to protect the innocent and his friends…he is loyal and brave. He is true to his love for Arwen, even when others throw themselves at him. He is a natural leader, despite not wanting to claim his rightful place as king of Gondor. He is also knowledgeable in many things, and intelligence is sexy.

Luc DeForges

6. Luc DeForges (A Billion Reasons Why by: Kristen Billerbeck)

Luc is full of life! He is spontaneous and full of surprises. He also happens to be a millionaire. Luc was the first and only man Katie ever loved despite their breakup. Luc is loyal and he is funny. I remember falling for Luc almost instantly and cheering for him through the whole book. Luc has the personality that is the opposite of my generally organized and reserved nature so I guess this proves “opposites attract” to be true.

John Galt

5. John Galt (Atlas Shrugged by: Ayn Rand)

John is attractive for many reasons, but the main reasons I fell in love with him are that he is brilliant, perceptive, and willing to take a stand. John organized the strike of the minds when communist practices were taking over and ruining the 20th Century Motor Company. His brainchild – the strike – effectively freed the makers from the takers.  He created a philosophy of reason and became the leader of the world’s most talented men.  He also invented the “motor to stop the world” – an engine that runs on atmospheric pressure.  John Galt deals in facts, he is unwavering and reliable. I challenge the question of, “Who is John Galt?” with, “Where is John Galt?”

Owen Palmer

4. Owen Palmer (The Enchanted, Inc. series by: Shanna Swendson)

Oh Owen.  Owen is a bit like Harry Potter, but better – at least more handsome.  Owen is a wizard. But not just any wizard, he is the most powerful wizard of his generation. He is also brilliant, funny, shy, dedicated, rich, loyal, a master of sleight of hand, and a tamer of dragons. Owen also blushes at the slightest flirt or compliment. I picked up the first four books of this series at Half Price Books while I was in college.  I devoured them the moment I had time. I recommend these books for light, fun reading, and so that you can meet and fall in love with Owen Palmer too.

Reed Royal

3. Reed Royal (The Paper Princess Trilogy by: Erin Watt)

Reed Royal is a case of “it is hard to resist a bad boy”.  Especially when those bad boys have tender hearts.  Reed’s mother is dead, and he is very close with his brothers. His relationship with his father is rocky, but gets better over the course of the books.  Guys do strange things when they are hurting, but it seems that all it takes to set them right again is a girl who challenges them, loves them, and accepts them. Reed is a fighter and a protector.  Although he makes mistakes, he often displays wisdom.  He is funny; and despite coming from mega money he wants to go his own way and not just slide into a role in the family business. He is independent yet loyal.

James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser

2. Jamie Fraser (Outlander series by: Diana Gabaldon)

Although I have just started into my reading adventure of the Outlander series, I already love Jamie.  The only flaw I’ve found with Jamie so far is that he is too good to be true.  By description alone he is attractive with blue eyes and stands at 6’ 4”. He is well educated, multilingual, a natural leader, fierce protector and warrior. Though he has suffered in life, he is still charming, and humorous. Who wouldn’t want a Jamie Fraser of their own?

Francisco d’Anconia

1. Francisco d’Anconia (Atlas Shrugged by: Ayn Rand)

Francisco inhabits many of the same qualities as John Galt; he was the first to join John’s strike.  Francisco pays the highest price to joining John’s strike which means to me that he is dedicated, and wise.  Francisco is enormously wealthy, yet he gives all that and his first/only love (Dagny Taggart) up for the ideals of the strike. Despite the role he plays of worthless playboy, he is working hard to keep his family’s business out of the hands of looters – even if that means destroying it. He is enthusiastic, wise, resolute, a protector, he is a man of action when it comes to his beliefs and helping others see the light.

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Who would be on your list book boyfriends? (Or girlfriends?)  I’d like to hear about them. 
Please tell me at least one book character you have fallen in love with, in the comments below.

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