2021 Texas Winter Storm

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I survived the Texas Winter Storm (Uri) and lived to tell the tale!

I know northerners are like “What is Texas’ problem? This weather is just a Tuesday for us…” Well, Texas is not built for that extreme cold weather. Not Texas’ people, or any of the infrastructure. Sweltering heat? Sure. 115º+ temperatures? Bring it on.

-1º? No, thank you!

I was very fortunate, I only had to deal with 13 hours of no electricity (heat) and a week without internet. I had firewood and a working fireplace, plenty of blankets, and a cat who had finally decided that cuddling with me was better than being cold (Benchley is not a cuddly cat – much to my dismay).

That said, I missed posting last week because I did not have internet and I did not really have anything to write about or share. I spent the majority of last week huddled under a pile of blankets with a cat sitting on me while I crocheted or read, all while listening to the faucets drip. Honestly, I looked like a clichéd Cat Lady.

I did venture outside to check out the snow to check on my ice-covered orange trees, frozen carrots, onions and garlic, and generally see what snow-snow is like. Typically, when we get snow in Texas it is just an icy gloppy mess. This was powdery pure “snow-snow”!

Today I am sharing my favorite snowy/icy pictures from the very unTexas weather.

My Favorites:

Ice that covered an orange tree leaf then slid off
I love how her eyelashes caught snowflakes



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