Being a Secret Agent of the Easter Bunny

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I have carried out several covert kindness missions in my life – anonymous little acts of love.

For the past ten to twelve years, I have had the privilege of being a secret agent of the Easter Bunny for the Friendship Sunday School class at the church where I grew up. This class is comprised of some of the oldest (still mobile) members of the church – octo- and nonagenarians (people in their 80s and 90s).

This tradition started as a project my mom and I undertook, and I have to say it is one of my favorite family traditions.

Every year we shop for baskets and goodies, and carefully curate the Easter baskets and deliver them the Sunday before Easter (Palm Sunday), because people tend to gather with family on Easter (and the Sunday School schedule is usually different for Easter).

Covid has not stopped my tradition of being the Easter Bunny, last year and last Sunday I delivered the baskets to doorsteps. I never “ding-dong-ditched” in my youth; I have to say dropping off baskets of goodies on the doormat, ringing the doorbell, and dashing back to the car gets the adrenaline up in a slightly pathetic, but totally fun, way.

While the contents of the baskets are simple, the joy it brings the members of that class is pure.

Every year the baskets include a word search book, some trail mix or similar snacks, lotion, and of course some plastic eggs filled with the chocolate! That is the minimum; sometimes I find a little Easter trinket to include, sometimes I don’t.

This year I found these adorable bunny baskets at

I used an old (non-crosscut) shredder and some green paper to make some grass.

I added the word search…


trail mix…


and eggs filled with chocolate!

I am that kind of person that has to make sure the color of the candies’ wrappers don’t match each other, or the egg they get put in. (Total Type A personality here.)

After they were all assembled, I boxed them up and delivered them the next day.

The world needs more kindness…More gestures of compassion…More unselfish acts of love that whisper God’s name.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Easter!

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