My Dream Home

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Welcome to my 1:12 scale dream house! Well, except it does not have any closets…and I’d love a wrap around porch.

When I was a kid I used to love going to Hobby Lobby with my mom. I always insisted we go by the dollhouses they had on display. I was always in awe of how beautiful they were.

For my twelfth birthday I finally got a kit of my own (MADE IN THE USA!) and I was so excited. It was meant to be a daddy-daughter project, but life got in the way and the project got started, but never got very far.

In 2014 I decided to drag it back out and work on it. It was on my list of “goals for the year” every year until last year – when I finally finished it! In hindsight I can’t be too unhappy it took 18 years to complete this project, because if my dad and I had put it together when I was twelve it probably would have been painted purple on the outside, white on the inside, and have been stuffed with the bulky 1980s style furniture Hobby Lobby carries. Let’s just say my taste and craftsmanship improved with age. Also, all my years of watching This Old House really paid off when it came to shingling the roof.

Is I went, I made modifications. I added a transom on the first floor, moved the location of the second floor dividing wall, I changed the porch and balcony railings, I repainted the fireplace, and I completely remade the stairs.

There are nods to loved ones throughout, such as the yellow roses for my mom, a doily and a mostly eaten cake for my grandma, a birdhouse for my grandpa, the hunting rifles and pocket watch from my dad, a fancy handbag and silver tea service for my Nene, Shakespeare’s complete works in the library for my sister, a chess set and even a 1:144 scale dollhouse (a 1:12 scale dollhouse in a 1:12 scale dollhouse) for me, along with a cat with a striking resemblance to my first pet.

There are many famous paintings, including a Degas, a van Gogh, and a Monet.

I made the quilt in the master bedroom, and the baby blanket in the crib.

Most of the goodies that I curated the interior with came from or various shops on (including: VictoriaMiniland, JustForYouMiniatures, TheWeeDeliMiniGioaMusingMiniatures).

I would love to do another dollhouse project, but I don’t currently have the room or budget (all my hobbies are expensive). I follow a guy on Instagram (who happens to resemble “Edge” from WWE) – by day he is a set designer, and in his free time he is a dollhouse rehabber (that sounds like so much fun to me).

Do you love minis? If you ever get the chance to visit The Mini Time Machine Museum in Tucson, Arizona make sure you take the time to stop in. It is a mini lover’s dream. (I drug my family there in 2017 and we all enjoyed it, me more than some…)

Do you follow any miniaturists on Instagram that you think I should follow?
Have you built a dollhouse or room box?

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  1. You make me want to add this to my own already expensive hobbies! Your doll house is beautiful and I know someday, you’ll craft another one.

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