Hammock Happiness

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I have wanted a hammock since I was little. The first time I remember seeing a hammock (and falling in love) was when my family attended my Dad’s company’s family picnic – one Saturday in the 1990s. And as of last week, I have one!

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First of all, if you love good deals, follow The Freebie Guy on Instagram (I believe he has a Facebook too, but I don’t use Facebook). He posts great deals and even does weekly giveaways.

I introduced my sister to The Freebie Guy and then she saw the hammock deal he posted about before I saw it and sent it to me.

The hammock was from Walmart. It is a two-person hammock with a stand (and a storage bag).
It was originally $129.99. With taxes (and free shipping) I paid $69.95!

It arrived quickly and although the box was a bit battered, all the pieces were accounted for!

It was really easy to put together. It is all held together with four screws with plastic twisting caps so you don’t even need a screwdriver.

The description and the picture online said it was blue (seemingly blue and white), but upon unboxing it I discovered it is actually blue and lime green – which is fine with me.

Before being gently cradled in the awesomeness of my new hammock I took the time to spray it down with Permethrin.
I am unfortunately a loyal (albeit unwilling) blood donor to the world’s mosquito population…If only guys found me as attractive as mosquitos – ha! Its so bad I have to switch my perfume to Off! bug spray from April through November. Anyway, Permethrin is military grade bug repellent (seriously, it was recommended for me by a former soldier). You spray it on your clothes and let it dry. Do not spray it on your skin. I spray it on my biking clothes. Unlike traditional bug spray It does not have a smell. And the formula stays effective through 6 washes!

So, after I sprayed down the hammock and let it dry thoroughly, I hooked it up on the stand and basked in the glorious 75 degree weather with a lovely 12mph breeze.

If you are in the market for a heavenly hammock, the link for mine is here. The only drawback to this one is that it is made in China.
Is there something you always wanted in your childhood and had to wait for adulthood to finally fulfill your dream?

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  1. I’m so happy for you! We finally both have hammocks after years of waiting. Yay!

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