Mater Metrics (and Others)

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I previously mentioned that I am keeping a journal to record the data for my garden this year. I am keeping metrics on my tomatoes (number, which plant they came from, date harvested, damage, and weight), potatoes (location – tower one/tower two/bags/in-ground, number, and weight), onions (number, location, total weight), etc.

I had an old notebook laying around that I have decided to use, and my sister used her Cricut to make a label/sticker for me. I have set up tables to keep track of the metrics I want to track for each plant type.
My dad said he was surprised I was not keeping track of all this on my laptop, but I really like writing the information down by hand. Sometimes I’m old-fashioned like that.

So far just my tomato and bean pages have anything recorded, they currently look like this:

I case you are interested in keeping track of your garden’s productivity this year I have created some free customizable spreadsheets for you to download below. (You can save them and fill them out virtually, or you can print them and fill them out by hand if you like.)

Happy gardening!

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