Summer Reading Recommendations

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In case you haven’t already noticed from My Reading List, my taste in books is as eclectic as my taste in hobbies, music, and art media.

I looked over my bookshelves and pulled some books I would gladly read again this summer. These were the top eight, and there is something here for everyone:

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MEG by Steve Alten (2005)
A few years ago this awesome sci-fi book was turned into a movie starring Jason Statham. Now, don’t get me wrong, I visually appreciate Mr. Statham, but like in most cases the book is better. I’ll go so far as to say the ending is far superior. Like other great sci-fi novels this one has enough sci to make the fi believable. And the good news is, if you like this one the story continues! There is a whole Meg series… The Trench (I’ve read it and loved it), and Meg: Primal Waters, and Meg: Hell’s Aquarium are in my to-be-read pile.
This book delves into the deepest fathoms of the ocean to encounter a prehistoric fearsome shark measuring in at 70 feet from the tip of its nose to its tail – the Carcharodon megalodon. The story unfolds as Jonas Taylor protects the world from this monster who has resurfaced and is very hungry.

FIX HER UP by Tessa Bailey (2019)
This one is a romantic comedy that features slightly awkward “little sister” type, a washed up (but still highly desirable) MLB player, and pretend dating…what could go wrong. Throw in a little home renovation work and an embarrassing but well-intentioned family for a fun and easy beach read.

YOU by Caroline Kepnes (2014)
This gem has been turned into the uber creepy and wildly popular Netflix series by the same name. If you have binged the episodes and want more of Joe you are in luck! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat, AND there is a sequel, Hidden Bodies.
Joe Goldberg is a book lover. He works in a bookstore in the East Village. He can be a bit obsessive; and when it comes to Guinevere Beck he takes obsessive interest to full-fledged stalker level. Get inside Joe’s mind in this unsettling book that will have you checking over your shoulder when you walk down the street.

THE PRENUP by Lauren Layne (2019)
A classic chick-lit book that makes for a good beach read, or just snugged up on the couch.
Charlotte and Colin married for convenience ten years ago – a mutually beneficial arrangement, she got her inheritance, and he got a green card. Then they went their separate ways (while still hitched). All is well, that is until a divorce is desired and they realize the fine print of their prenup says they must live together for three months before they can file for divorce…
This was the first Lauren Layne book I found, and I have gone on to enjoy a series about three unlikely friends: Passion on Park Avenue, Love on Lexington Avenue, and Marriage on Madison Avenue. I pre-ordered her next book To Sir, With Love and it will be released later this month (June 29, 2021).

THE FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer A. Nielsen (2012)
This book is the first of a trilogy (The Runaway King, and The Shadow Throne follow to finish the story). A classic adventure story about royalty, deceit, treason, and danger.
This story follows an orphan boy named Sage and the roll he plays in a nobleman’s scheme to fool the court and country. This is a fast-paced easy read that is full of twists that will keep you surprised until the very end.

ADORKABLE by Cookie O’Gorman (2016)
Looking for a light and fluffy friends-turned-more story? This might be just the one for you!
Sally Spitz is adorkable 0 “equal parts dorky and adorable”. She is sick of being set up on blind dates and decided the solution is simple: she needs a fake boyfriend. Her best friend, Becks, is happy to play the role. The only problem is that she has been in love with Becks for as long as she can remember.
This is a cheesy young love story, with lots of actual laugh-out-loud moments.

This was another pre-order for me, after having read her two previous books (99 Percent Mine, and The Hating Game) I thought it was worth the gamble.
I must admit several aspects of Ruthie’s (the main character) life seemed sadly/very relatable. Ruthie works the front desk in a retirement villa, and is even mistaken as dressing up for a costume party (going as one of the Golden Girls) when she was wearing her day-to-day wardrobe choices. Friends of multiple generations step up and are eager to help when she decides she wants to start dating and start living like she is the 24-year-old she actually is (and a little less like the 124 year old her soul seems like it is.) Enter all kinds of distractions and complications, namely Theodore “Teddy” Prescott – the heir to the new owner of the Providence Retirement Villa…
Sappy and sweet. Relatable and charming. This is the epitome of a fun summer read.

MUCH ADO ABOUT YOU by Samantha Young (2021)
Who hasn’t ever wanted to run away, get some perspective, take an impulsive vacation to a foreign country? That is exactly what Evangeline “Evie” Starling does after being passed up for a promotion at work and being ghosted by another online match. At 33 with all her friends getting married, moving in with their boyfriends, or having babies, Evie surprises everyone – including herself – when she takes a temporary position at a bookstore in a quaint English village. She makes new friends and is quickly absorbed into the lives of the gracious villagers.  She even finds friendship (and sparks) with the local sexy farmer, Roane Robson, despite keeping him at an arm’s length because starting something would be bound to end in heartbreak when her vacation ended…
It is a friendly, flirtatious, whirlwind romance with lovable characters.

What is a book you loved reading that you think would make a perfect summer reading choice?
I am always looking for new books – I’d hate for all the books in my to-be-read pile to get lonely. 😉

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