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Over the weekend, while scrolling on my Instagram feed I saw so many beautiful, cool, and inspiring things. I thought I would share with you my favorite craft/art accounts to follow on Instagram.


Dani is a fiber artist. Her work is mind-blowing. She “paints with wool”. She stabs wool into fabric, with a piece of foam behind (very similar to felting, but in a more 2D way) and she creates the most amazing masterpieces. They look like photographs!


ArtsHub posts a little bit of everything… Painting, sculpture, napkin folding, photography, all kinds of things. That’s what makes them interesting, they always have something new. I got my mom to follow them too and this weekend we were discussing their latest post which was a video on how holiday printing was applied to the inside of a 9×13 pan. They always have unique things to share.


I stumbled upon this account a few years ago. They make short animated videos that always have an unexpected disastrous twist. You can also find them on YouTube – search for “Eating Kidney Beans – Cartoon Box 133” for a taste of their work.


An account for a fellow Texan – a Houston ceramicist who posts photos of her latest pieces. Her reels are pretty awesome. She shows how she makes things like 3D flowers on the side of mugs. It’s always cool to watch a potter at work.

This account shares other people’s posts about embroidery, kind of a catch all of amazing thread art. They do tag the artist so if you really liked one post you can follow the artist to see what else they have shared. It is crazy how realistic some things can look when embroidered – and when you think of how many times the embroiderer had to stab that piece.


Adam remodels 1/12 scale dollhouses, and he documents it all on his IG account. Basically, this sounds like my dream job, so I enjoy all his posts and updates. He shares how he does things and he is a great source of tips, tricks, and ideas for miniaturists.


I came across when I was looking for lights for my dollhouse back in 2016, and I have been a loyal customer since. Their Instagram spotlights some of their products and gives you ideas for how to use them. They also post cool miniature scenes. They host an annual Creatin’ Contest where they have a specific kit designated for the year and you buy it and fix it up however you want; then they post the entries and you get to see all the awesome talent and ideas – how people take the same kit and come up with totally different ideas is truly exciting.

Lastly – not an account, but I also follow:


I don’t have a Cricut machine (yet), but the hacks that people share on IG are pretty amazing. Save time, money, materials…they’ve got it all!

Tell me in the comments below: who are your go-to IG craft and art inspirations that you think I should check out?

Love this post? Share it with others who might love it too:

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