Made in America Monday

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I would love to buy only Made in America products, but as I sit here typing this post on my computer and listening to music on my iPhone I realize this desire is not entirely feasible at the moment. However, this aspiration inspired me to launch a new series here: Made in America Monday.

Though, in my research to write the post that launches Made in America Monday I discovered my efforts would be more like reinventing the wheel…

In my research I discovered a few resources that have already covered the ground of collecting information on products made in in the USA.


The first resource I would like to point you toward is

They are basically Google for products made in America. You can easily search for anything you are looking for.

For example, I simply typed in “sneakers for women” and got a lot of results. I then narrowed down the results by selecting SAS (one of the brands that resulted  with that search) in the filters on the left-hand side.

If you type in something really vague, such as “books” you get a wide selection of books to peruse – the top results were of the prepper variety, but that is not all the search resulted in.

The great thing about Cultivate is that they have a plugin for your PC and an app for both iOS and Android products to make buying items made in America as easy as possible.

Side note for Influencers out there: Cultivate has an affiliate program, so you can share the Made in America products that you love and earn a little money at the same time.

USA LoveList

The second awesome resource I found is another blog –

They have made a whole blog about out of what I had in mind for a series! They have so much content it can be a little overwhelming compared to Cultivate, but they have really good filters.

Their home page looks like this, and at the top you will find that you can search by topic of their articles (By Season, By Holiday, By Category, and By Gift Idea), by state, deals, and of course with the search bar.

Their homepage lists the most recent articles, the first few include details on American made fans (important appliances for those of us in the South), shoes, candy, cat supplies, eyewear, neckties, kitchenware, baby and kids clothes…and the list goes on. And on, and on!

Warning: Falling down rabbit holes is extremely easy here.

If you prefer to search using Pinterest these days, you can find pins with links to their articles (about products in each category) on their account.

Just FYI, I know this is free advertising for another blog, but I truly love what both USA Love List and Cultivate do, and they do it so well – there was no point in me trying to enter the field they have covered so well.
As I said at the top of this post, I wish I could buy only products made in America; these two resources help me make that dream more achievable.

Check these two out and let me know if you find treasures.

Love this post? Share it with others who might love it too:

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  1. This will be a great resource especially since I’ve tried to shop small and shop USA. Can’t wait to look some more.

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