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Hello to my fellow gardeners today! Today’s post is particularly for my fellow Texas gardeners.

Do you know who Neil Sperry is?

Neil Sperry is considered the top authority on gardening and horticulture in Texas.

He is a native Texan. He has 9 publications to his credit. He has a weekly gardening column that is printed in 20 Texas newspapers, in addition to his weekly e-newsletter that shares the answers to questions he receives and a to-do list o things you should do in your garden the coming weekend (fertilize St. Augustine, prune Oaks – and how to avoid oak wilt fungus, etc.).

Neil Sperry has been on the radio for forty years every weekend sharing answers to callers’ gardening woes. (WBAP)

I’m sharing all of this information because he is a great resource for you if you have gardening concerns or questions.

I received his latest book from my Dad. This thing is a treasure trove! It has 320 pages which are packed with so much information.

It has a section on gardening and plant basics, a gardening calendar (telling you about the plant of the month, a planting list for that month, pruning tasks by month, fertilizing tips by month, troubleshooting, off jobs, FAQs and tips); it also includes sections on trees, shrubs, vines, groundcovers, lawns, annuals, perennials, fruits and vegetables. Those sections are loaded with photos and charts that tell you which of each are best for your region of Texas, planting times, their sunlight and water requirements, etc.

This book is so fun to look through, and a great resource when I need some specific knowledge from an expert. I highly recommend it!

You can get your own copy through Mr. Sperry’s website.

Happy gardening!

Love this post? Share it with others who might love it too:

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