3 Movies/Series on Amazon Prime Based on Books I’ve Read

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Books are often the inspiration for movies and tv/streaming shows. These three are book’s I had read previously and have been adapted for the screen in the last few years and are now available on Amazon Prime:


Good Omens” (Terry Pritchett & Neil Gaiman)

This is a hilarious satire!
As story of the end of the world that follows a fussy angel, Aziraphale, and a fast-living demon, Crowley who attempt to sabotage the coming end times (having grown accustomed to the mortal world). What could go wrong with the plans for Armageddon? How about misplacing the Antichrist? And what are those horsemen doing now?

The book is a tiny bit confusing at times. There are plots, with twists, and subplots (with twists), but over all it was highly enjoyable and entertaining.

Both the book and series are amusing through and through. I think those who have read the book have a better grasp of things as they quickly unfold on the screen, and at the same time, seeing it on the screen helps clear any subplot confusion. The streaming version follows the book really well.

I think neither book nor the six-part series should be missed.
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The Pale Horse” (Agatha Christie)

Simply described: A classic Agatha Christie mystery.
Narrated by the main character, Mark Easterbrook, the story starts with a dying woman giving her last confession to Father Gorman. Along with her confession she gave him a list of names and a terrible secret. However, before the Father can take any action, he too is struck dead.
Mark hears of a place called The Pale Horse that allegedly arranges deaths. After hearing of the list of names, and of The Pale Horse, Mark begins to fear the list is of people who are or are scheduled shortly to be dead…
The rest is written in the typical Agatha Christie thrilling fashion with a surprise in the end.

The adaptation for the screen is a bit odd, I’d say. I did not care for it to be perfectly honest. However, my sister (who had not read the book) really enjoyed it.
I suppose the verdict on this one comes down to whether or not you want to read the story or watch it. Really there is no wrong answer, it comes down to personal preference.


The Dressmaker” (Rosalie Ham)

Set in Australia, the story of Tilly Dunnage has a dark history that led to her being forced to leave her hometown at only 10 years old. After becoming a hit with the fashion houses in Paris, Tilly comes back home with hopes of making amends with her unstable mother. She manages to win over the suspicious smalltown folk, but after a tragedy they turn on her again. This time she won’t just run away in shame…this time she shall have her revenge.

The book was good but overall, I think (for once) I actually preferred the movie. With a cast that includes Kate Winslet, Hugo Weaving, and Liam Hemsworth it was bound to be an intriguing adaptation at the very least. The costuming is fantastic too!

Are there any new programs on Amazon Prime that are based on books you’ve read? Which did you prefer, or do you think the screen version did the book justice?

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