The Ultimate Autumn Scavenger Hunt

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Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? It’s aa page out of an “I Spy” book brought to life! This scavenger hunt that I have put together can have items checked off during the rest of the season, or you can attempt to complete it all in one day…its all up to you. Good luck checking off all forty!

  1. A RED Leaf
  2. A Squirrel
  3. 7 acorns
  4. A Spider’s Web
  5. A Migrating Butterfly
  6. A Pinecone
  7. Geese flying in a V
  8. A Naked Tree (Leafless)
  9. A YELLOW Leaf
  10. An Evergreen Tree (Pine, Cypress, Spruce, Cedar, Fir, etc.)
  11. 3 Leaves with Different Shapes
  12. Something Brown
  13. A Unique Rock
  14. A Feather
  15. A Bird’s Nest
  16. An ORANGE Leaf
  17. A Puddle to Jump In
  18. Animal Tracks
  19. A Pile of Leaves
  20. A Scarecrow
  21. 9 Pumpkins
  22. A Black Bird
  23. Someone Wearing a Hat
  24. 3 People Smiling
  25. Someone Wearing Boots
  26. Someone Laughing
  27. Someone Wearing a Scarf
  28. Someone in a Hurry
  29. Someone Wearing a Jacket
  30. 2 People Holding Hands
  31. Someone Wearing a Sweater
  32. An Apron
  33. A Turkey
  34. Something Green
  35. The Word THANKFUL
  36. A Football
  37. A Wishbone
  38. Pumpkin and/or Pecan Pie
  39. Vegetables
  40. Someone You Love

Here is a Pdf version you can print off and check off as you go – or you can save it and check them off on the softcopy.

If you going to join me in tackling this list and you post about it on Instagram, please tag me so I can celebrate your finds with you.

Love this post? Share it with others who might love it too:

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