(Cheap and Easy) Christmas Display Hack

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Are the beautiful Christmas cards arriving in your mailbox yet?

Two years ago, I got my Dad’s help making this cute Rudolph inspired card holder.

The other day I got to thinking about those who don’t have access to the power tools and help I am fortunate to have access to…what if they need a way to display their holiday cards?

This year I decided to try something new…

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This is a cheap, easy, and unique way to display your festive mail! All you need is a blank wall, some string/yarn or twine, some push pins, and some little clothes pins.

How To:

Start by sticking a push pin into the wall, high on one end of the wall.

Repeat the process on the other end of the blank wall a few inches down from where you placed the first one. Keep placing push pins on either side of the blank space until you get as low as you want your display to go.

Next tie a loop in the end of the string/yarn of your choice and place it over the head of the topmost push pin.

After that, all you have to do is wrap the string around the other pushpins when you get to them. Simply go back and forth across the wall to get a zig zag pattern. When you get to the last push pin, pull the string over to it, then cut the string leaving a little extra. Tie another loop in the end and loop it around that last pin (just like at the beginning).

Lastly, you just put your cards into the clothes pins and then put the clothes pinned card onto the string on the wall.


– You could run the string along push pins that have been placed so that the top is narrower than the bottom…this would create a Christmas Tree look.

– You could add embellishments along with your cards. Things like candy canes, lights, crocheted lights or snowflakes, pinecones, paper snowflakes, or even some ornaments. Let your creativity flow!

Note: You could use these Command Hooks if you don’t want to put small holes in the wall.

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