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Super Simple Vinegar Slaw

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St. Patrick’s Day is this Thursday. It is traditional to eat corned beef and cabbage to celebrate, but if you are like me and don’t like cooked cabbage or mayonnaise-based coleslaw, it doesn’t feel much like a celebration…That’s why I am sharing my absolute favorite cabbage dish with you today. A super simple vinegar slaw with all the traditional veg – cabbage and carrots, with a few twists.

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Super Simple Vinegar Slaw - Raw Ingredients

Super Simple Vinegar Slaw


Half a head of green cabbage -shredded

2 large carrots – shredded

1 large Granny Smith apple shredded

3 green onions (chopped small)


1/2 c white vinegar

2 Tbs sugar

1/2 c water

1 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp Salt

pepper to taste


Shred (or chop) vegetables and apple

In a large bowl coat with 1 Tbs sugar and the salt

Let sit for 30min – 1 hr

After the hour, drain off the liquid produced then set aside

Mix the remaining 1 TBS of sugar with the water, vinegar, garlic powder.

Pour the sauce over the veg and set aside for at least 10 minutes.

Add pepper to taste.

Serve as a side to your favorite springtime or summer meal.

Note: A Salad Shooter makes shredding the cabbage, carrots, and apple ridiculously easy.


Love this post? Share it with others who might love it too:

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