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14 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

back view of a woman walking on a log in the forest

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Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day was first observed in 1970 – in America; it later went global, in 1990.

With the purpose to preserve and protect the planet, Earth Day brings awareness to the importance of protecting the earth. It is an opportunity to draw attention to education about renewable energy (solar and wind) opportunities, recycling, sustainable farming practices, and more.

Here are fourteen cheap ways to celebrate Earth Day, not just on April 22nd, but every day:

  1. Plant a flower garden – a great opportunity to help bees and butterflies which are key pollinators
  2. Pick up litter in your neighborhood or local park
  3. Reuse or upcycle things
  4. Plant a tree
  5. Enjoy a picnic out in nature (tomorrow happens to be Pack a Picnic Day)
  6. Join a bird count group (for more information visit eBird)
  7. Make a vegetable broth with scraps from your kitchen (carrot peels, onion ends, etc.)
  8. Exercise outside
  9. Pick and press your favorite flower
  10. Set a goal to travel __ miles by your own human power by the summer solstice (06/21) – run walk, bike, kayak, swim, row…
  11. Enjoy a nice salad starring the vegetable and herbs in your garden
  12. Make “Plarn” from the plastic grocery bags you’ve collected and turn them into reusable grocery bags (check out my post on how to make plarn here)
  13. Take photos of the things you find beautiful on a nature walk and make a collage
  14. List all of the natural things for which you are thankful (plants, creatures, rain, sunrises, places, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, etc.)

Enjoy our planet. Treat it well. Practice the “leave nothing but footprints” philosophy. Appreciate all the Earth provides for us.

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