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8 Great Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is still a little way off (12 days to be precise), but I thought of those who are not like me – those who wait until the last minute to think of celebrations and gifts a little help for Mother’s Day.
Me? I had my gift for my Dad’s birthday which is mid-April, wrapped before the end of March; my sister’s (end of May) too!

I really love putting together gifts and care packages (like the Easter basket/care packages I do for the elderly in my church). I tend to shop all year for Christmas gifts, and they end up being a carefully curated hodgepodge of things I thought the person would like – a slightly unusual gift giving technique I seem to have acquired from my Grandma.

Anyway, I’m not trying to brag about my promptness. I know procrastination can be caused by many things, so today I have 8 simple suggestions for gifts Moms will love. They work for any age child (one or two of these ideas might need a little supervision or assistance from a grown up if the child is really young.) I’m posting this ahead of time because some might require practice, or time to compile.

8 Ideas for celebrating Mother's Day

8 Ideas for

Mother’s Day:


MAKE a card for mom – be sure to include a note about why you love her, or write her a story.


Cook lunch or dinner for her (and do the dishes yourself).
I have several recipes that are great for beginners right here.


Put together a scrapbook/photo album of all your favorite photos with or of your mom.


If you play an instrument – play your mom a song that makes you think of her or play her favorite song.


Give her a houseplant – they last longer than flowers.


Ask her to teach you something she does well that you want to learn how to do as well – this one is really a gift for both of you, quality time together, an opportunity to share wisdom, and the opportunity to acquire a new skill.


Write your mom a heartfelt, handwritten, letter – be sure to include what you admire and appreciate about her.


Do a chore that is often dreaded, like washing her car, or weeding the flower beds.

Let’s make our moms (mothers, grandmothers, adopted mothers, all maternal influencers in our lives) feel how treasured they are this Mother’s Day.



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Mother’s Day 2022

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