All About Benchley

Meowdy! My name is Benchley.

I am a Tuxedo Texan.
I’m kinda known for my toe tufts.
My other aliases are: Benchums, Chums, Benchey Bear & “The Floof Monster”.

In 2017 my Meowmy started an Instagram page – just for me: @benchleyparkbenchley! Over the years I have made some great furriends in the #catsofinstagram community (COI Community).

Meowmy thought adding this page to her blog was a good idea because it is a place where I can share all of my favorite things (and the things I need but don’t like – like my brush).

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on these links (and pictures), I may receive a small commission – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It will not cost you anything. I only share products and services that I truly believe in and think are great.


My Rocket

I love my carrier! It is shaped like a rocket and that makes me a astpawnaut. Mine is a few years old, so it has an observation bubble…the options these days include a full observation side (PAWESOME)! This carrier is even airline approved for the rocket cats that travel beyond the dreaded V-E-T and hikes, etc.

My Cat Sapling

It’s a bit small to be called areal cat tree. I love it though – I ask Santa Paws to bring Miracle Grow for it every year…I’d like a mighty tree like this some day… Or better yet, my furriend sent me this Rocket Condo the other day (Meowmy said I need cheaper taste).

Inaba Churus

In my experience as a treat connoisseur, I can say without a doubt, Inaba Churus are the best treats on the market! Well, at least they are my favorite treats on the market. Licky stick goodness, I say! They come in a variety of flavors too! If you love ’em too, check out the 50 piece variety pack.

Yeowww Cat Nip (+ Toys)

I am so lucky I have the Yeowww Catnip Banana, Cigar, and Green Fish. I love ’em! and when my Cousin Emi got ‘dopted last June my Meowmy gave her a set of Yeowww Sardines. The nip is primo nip, very stimulating, and it is made in the USA (something that matters to Meowmy). Several of my furriends in the UK got the Yeowww Rainbow toy in 2020 to show their support the the NHS over there. Meowmy uses the pure nip when she crochets little toys for me (puts it right in with the stuffing).


Furminator Brush

I’ll start by saying I hate being brushed. It doesn’t matter what kind of brush, I just don’t like it. Meowmy says it is a necessary evil that I must endure every now and then, otherwise my curly armpits tend to matte. I have long hair, but they make a specific Furminator for the sleek short haired cats too. I don’t like it, but I cannot deny that it does leave me silky and soft after it removes loose hairs clinging to my topcoat and undercoat.

Reusable Lint Roller

I like black pants. I also Like white shirts…as a black and white cat, I leave visible “glitter”/cat hair on both! Meowmy loves this washable lint roller because it don’t have the waste and endless replacement costs a traditional lint roller has.

Fuzz Shaver

My Meowmy uses this weird gadget to clean my cat sapling every month or so. It quickly and effectively collects all the fur glitter I have artfully woven into the carpet on the sapling. This tool is for carpet and upholstery (no so much for clothes). It would work great for doggo hair too, if you have a doggo. Meowmy said it works well for hooman hair too. “It is a nice to use when cleaning cloth upholstered car seats as well.”

sWheat Scoop

sWheat Scoop is my litter! It is a natural littler that is made from wheat. It is flushable so my box has always been next to the toilet…Meomwy simply scoops my bank deposits into the toilet and flushes away them away. After my sisfur and before I was adopted, my Moewmy did some research and there are several things about clay litter that she didn’t care for (mainly the biodegradable-ness and the links to cancer in cats) that led her to look for an alternative. She chose sWheat Scoop and it is all I have ever known.

Bows and

Meowmy and I Like to shop small/buy local.
99% of my bows come from my good Instagram furriends’ small business on Etsy – Biddley’s Bows. They live across the pond, but the craftsmanship of the bows is worth the small shipping delay.

My Texas Bowtie came from – they don’t sell that exact style anymore, but they have other great options for my fellow four-legged, proud Texans. (Meowmy never told me, but all along it has actually been a bow tie for doggos!)

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
― James Herriot

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